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There are basically various kinds of loans that you can avail, and one of the most popular is called debt consolidation. The process is very simple. It’s because of the many benefits that you will be able to get out of it:   1. You only have one

What do you do when you have already exhausted all the means to keep your finances afloat—but to no avail? The most significant recourse that you can do is to file for a bankruptcy. However, different countries have their own ways of dealing with this f

With a very small interest rate and better payment terms, more and more people want home equity loans. The most important thing is that they can build on the market value of their property, so they can get the kind of loan that they want.   However

The rules on the Protected Trust Deeds (PTDs), 1985 Act, have been subjected to a reformation. This draft for reformation was introduced in July 2004. The main focus is to ensure better administration of these PTDs, certain new rules for the discharge of

Real Life Questions From Real Life People...   It’s not always over-spending on consumer goods that pushes people into considering debt solutions like Protected Trust Deeds. You may have been forced into debt by circumstances such as illness or r

A Scottish Trust Deed is an option used to provide debt help in Scotland under the Bankruptcy Scotland Act, 1985.  Available only in Scotland to Scottish residents, this option can be offered to those who meet certain qualifying criteria, the major o

People take out Trust Deeds for many different reasons. Some are desperate to avoid sequestration and a Trust Deed is the last option. For others, it relieves the escalating pressure from creditors. But there is a third group of people who recognise Trust

Vulnerable Scottish consumers are having their accounts raided without warning by unscrupulous banks using set-off to obtain credit card and loan arrears payments.                

Who takes out Protected Trust Deeds? Debt can make you feel very alone, but chances are if you pick anyone at random passing you by on the street they’ll have some debt. However if you’re in financial trouble and a Protected Trust Deed is your only

New changes to Trust Deed law will allow debtors to exclude their home from their Trust Deeds, resulting in less homelessness and a fairer wealthier nation, says Trust Deed Company Scottish Trust Deed. Changes to the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 took

Do you realise how much tax you are paying for every £100 earned? If not, read on... We all know taxes are a bind. As the saying goes, there’s nothing more certain in life than death and taxes. We don’t like paying them, but we think they’re ine

Postgraduate students in Scotland have been plunged into debt worry by the axing of a number of study grants by the Scottish Government in favour of a loan system, says Scottish Debt Solutions Company For many years, students tak

Insolvencies are continuing their rise with current figures showing the highest levels of Protected Trust Deeds and DAS approved payment schemes seen to date, says The figures for the second quarter of 2011 from Accountant in

One in twelve Scottish businesses are persistently teetering on the brink in a “zombie” state where they can do nothing more than pay the interest on their debts, says debt management company The insolvency trade body lat

A new report about the future faced by the UK’s students has shown that graduates are more likely to be substantially in debt and working in non-graduate jobs than they were 10 years ago, says The report, which was carried out

The Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) has announced £7m of new funding across Scotland to schemes that help people with housing problems caused by debt, says Trust Deeds Scotland Supplier. The money will be used to help Scottish citizens that are financia

A staggering six out of every ten payday loans are paid back late according to pay day loans company The continued recession coupled with stricter lending criteria has meant the loans are becoming the monthly norm for many, as they can

Thousands of job losses are being predicted in 2013 following a survey of Scottish construction firms, says debt management company The new figures from the Scottish Building Federation (SBF) show almost 8,000 were likely to h

Rising energy prices have caused misery in households across Scotland and 40% are now burdened by fuel poverty, says debt management company The Scottish House Condition Survey, a report published by the Scottish Government, esti

Despite a share of £100bn debt, post-referendum Scotland would still be ok and have lower repayments than its UK counterparts, says Debt Solutions Company Scottish Trust Deeds. An independent study by the David Hume Institute showed that Scotland woul

The process for awarding protected trust deeds is to undergo improvement following the release of results from a public consultation conducted earlier this year by the Scottish Government, says debt management company Scottish Trust Deeds. The consult

Predictions of Scotland’s economic growth has been forced into retreat as experts downgrade their predictions in response to a world that is “stumbling deeper into crisis”, says leading debt solutions company Far from ac

Over 60 Scots a day declare themselves insolvent according to recently published figures by the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB), says Debt Solutions Company Scottish Trust Deeds. Scotland’s insolvency service has published the results for the first q

The latest report by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce's (SCC) has shown the Scottish economy slowed to a crawl and could stop completely sparking fear of another recessionary dip, says Debt Solutions Company, The figures f