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About Allied International Credit (UK)

Allied International Credit (AIC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of privately-held parent company, Bill Gosling Outsourcing Holding Corp. . A Canadian-owned organisation for 60 years, we have evolved from a traditional accounts receivable management firm to a multinational service provider of complete contact solutions. We collect from both customers and businesses on behalf of our clients and provide our services in a manner that preserves the reputation and goodwill of both our clients, and the customer or company from which we are collecting.

Services Offered: Consumer Debt Collection, Business to Business Debt Collection, Status Enquiries / Company Searches, International Collections, Consultancy, Advice, Training, Outsourcing, Tracing, Utility Debt Collection, Other, Consumer Regulated Debt, Consumer Non-regulated Debt

Company Details
  • Registration Number: 00984439
  • Incorporation Date: 1970-07-13
  • Status: Active
Rating and Overview
  • Compassion Rating: 3%
  • Associations: Credit Services Association
Contact Allied International Credit (UK)
  • Contact: Janine Burch
  • via Phone: 0141 2263 111 Call
  • Online: Allied International Credit (UK) Website Visit
  • via Post: Adamson House 2nd Floor Towers Business Park, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2YY

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