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How To Write Off Unaffordable Debts To Robinson Way And Stop Court Action

Robinson Way was acquired by Hoist Finance UK in 2012 and are their leading debt collection agency. Hoist Finance UK purchase default debts in bulk from financial clients such as Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds and others.

They also service debts for utility companies and debts that still belong to the financial client. This is known as contingent debt.

The Robinson Way office is based in Salford, Manchester.

In July 2015, Robinson Way acquired The Compello Group and so absorbed their accounts, such as TradePro card accounts and Welcome Finance.

They used in-house agencies to collect on various accounts, some of the names you may know are MKDP, MK Rapid Recoveries (MKRR), Raven and Willen.

They normally call on Manchester area codes. Common numbers they use are 0161 9352119, 0161 9352113 or 0161 9352140.

What Do Robinson Way Do?

Their parent company Hoist Finance UK purchase portfolio’s of debt from financial clients as mentioned above. If your debt is one of them, you will receive what is known as a goodbye letter from the client, and a hello letter from Hoist Finance UK.

This will also include a NOA (Notice of Assignment) letter advising you to contact Robinson Way as they are dealing and collecting on the account.

Can Robinson Way Take Me To Court?

Robinson Way themselves will not take you to court. They will send you a letter advising that your account will be passed to Hoist’s solicitors who are Howard Cohen & Co. if you don’t respond within a certain amount of days. This is normally 10-days.

If you have received a letter advising the account is due to be passed to Howard Cohen & Co, you should contact Robinson Way to discuss the debt before it is passed over.

If you have received a letter advising the account is with Howard Cohen  & Co., you should contact them to discuss before they move forward with any intended litigation action.

If you are worried about court then contact us. You may qualify to write off your debt to Robinson Way.

I’ve Never Had Anything With Robinson Way, Why Am I Still Getting Calls And Letters?

Robinson Way are not lenders. As mentioned above, they collect on accounts purchased or outsourced by the original creditor such as Barclaycard or Santander.

If you do not believe you have ever had an account with the original creditor listed on the letter there are two ways to dispute the debt.

Disputing A Debt With Robinson Way

The first method is to contact them and request the following;

  • Account opening date
  • Default date
  • Date and value of last payment
  • For some accounts such as bank accounts, you can ask where the account was opened
  • For some accounts such as bank accounts or credit cards, you can ask how the account was opened
  • For some accounts such as catalogues, you can ask the address the account was opened at and the last item ordered
  • For some accounts such as hire purchase, you can ask the make, model and colour of the car

If at the time of the phone call, Robinson Way is unable to provide you with this information, they will be able to request the information from the original creditor. If they are able to provide the information, they will be able to send a copy directly to you in the post.

They will offer to send what they call a Pro-Forma. This will contain all the information they hold on the account.

This is asking them to prove the debt. You can also re-request copies of the Goodbye, Hello and NOA letters if you do not have those any longer.

The second method is to contact them in writing asking for the same information.

What Happens If Robinson Way Are Unable To Provide This Information?

Should Robinson Way not be able to provide this information, the debt will become unenforceable if there is not any existing court or litigation activity on the account.

This means the account will not have any future litigation activity on the account until such a time that the documents can be provided. This can be found in Section 78, point 6a of The Consumer Credit Act.

Robinson Way Has Sent Me A Letter Advising They Are Sending A Field Agent To My Home. What Does This Mean?

A field agent from Robinson Way is not a bailiff or sheriff, meaning their powers are limited and you should not be concerned at this stage. They cannot enter your property or take anything away from you without a court order.

They can only obtain a court order if they have a CCJ (County Court Judgement) against you for the outstanding debt.

If they do visit you, you are not obliged to answer the door or speak to them. If you do decide to speak to them the agent will confirm the identity of the person that is named on the debt and will pass a mobile phone to you so you are able to speak to the call centre about the debt.

The call centre will complete security with you for data protection.

It is strongly advised not to communicate in person or over the phone and only by letter when dealing with debt collectors or bailiffs.

How Much Will They Want Me To Pay Towards The Debt?

Robinson Way prides themselves on only setting affordable arrangements. If your debt has defaulted, they will complete an income & expenditure with you over the phone. This is not so they can tell you to cut down on your expenses such as shopping, insurances or smoking.

This is so this spending is safe from their calculations. They will only ask for a portion of that is left.

If you decline to complete an income & expenditure, they will offer to send you the form to complete in the post or a link to their website to complete it. You are still able to set an arrangement and complete the income & expenditure at a later date.

If the debt has not defaulted, but no longer with the original creditor yet owned by Hoist Finance, such as Aqua, New Day or Marbles, you will need to continue to meet the minimum payments set by the client. These accounts are known as pre-default and are still being reported to the credit file. If you pay less, or late, this can be reported to your credit file.

If the debt has already had legal action, you will need to pay the amount the court has decided. In some cases, Robinson Way may be able to lower this if it is unaffordable.

You will need to contact them and complete an income & expenditure to confirm the amount is unaffordable.

Do Robinson Way Charge Fees And Interest?

On a normal collections account, Robinson Way to not charge late payment fees or charge interest on the balance.

For an account that has been taken to court, there may be applicable fees on the account. You will need to speak to an agent to confirm these and the reason they were applied.

If the debt is one of the above accounts and it before you have defaulted on the debt, interest is usually frozen with Robinson Way.

Where Can I Get Help?

Contact one of our experienced debt advisors and we can talk to Robinson Way for you on your behalf. We can attempt to negotiate a full and final settlement or extended repayment period. You may also qualify to write the debt off completely. Use our free calculator here to see.

Services Offered By Robinson Way: Consumer Debt Collection, Court Action, Tracing, Utility Debt Collection, Consumer Non-regulated Debt

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  • Incorporation Date: 2009-07-29
  • Status: Active
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  • Compassion Rating: 19%
  • Associations: Credit Services Association
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